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About Us

Nestled amid rolling cornfields and tree-lined rivers, Mason City, Iowa is home to Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry, Inc. It is here, in the heartland of America, that cabinetry for Kitchen, Bath, and Home are skillfully and expertly crafted by people who genuinely care about the artistry of crafting and finishing fine woodwork.


At Woodharbor, we want our cabinetry and millworks to reflect the qualities we respect most in a fine piece of furniture—simplicity, beauty, attention to detail, solid craftsmanship and purity of style and construction. We are determined to bring you the finest in interior wood millworks … and we are serious about that commitment.

Mission Statement

“We are a Woodharbor Family with the desire to bring our customer’s home to life by providing the highest value custom cabinets, millwork, and service. Together we strive for growth and profitability through innovation and continuous improvement in a rewarding environment for our employees, dealers, and community.”


Imagine being able to choose all your interior millworks (cabinetry, mantels, and molding) from one source. One source that utilizes the same woods, the same finishes, the same design details and the same quality workmanship for your entire project. And then packages and delivers everything together…complete and on-time.

The ‘whole home concept’ of interior millworks is one that has not been accomplished within a large-scale manufacturing operation. Our founders were breaking new ground by making this concept the core of their entire production, marketing and sales philosophies. It was a concept they coined ‘The Woodharbor Home.’

This concept combines the manufacturing of cabinetry and millworks under one roof so that you can confidently plan your home interior with cabinets, woods, and finishes that complement and match each other in design, quality and finish.